Carrier VoIP, Voice and Multimedia

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Applications, gateways, and switching solutions for fixed and mobile voice and data traffic.
Management of Carrier Voice/Multimedia Networks
Unified multiservice, multi-technology, multivendor, end-to-end management for voice and multimedia networks.
Media Gateways
Data communications equipment at the edge of multiservice packet networks.
Mobile Core Switching
Core switching solutions let you start with a low-cost configuration and grow as data traffic increases. They are fully interoperable within any kind of vendor environment.
Public TDM Switching
Switching equipment optimized for traditional PSTN voice networks.
Network information transferred to support call setup and advanced applications.
Platforms that play a key role in offloading data traffic from overloaded voice networks by identifying the earliest possible point in the PSTN at which a call can be terminated. They provide seamless integration of voice and data networks by extending SS7 signaling into the data domain.
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